About Us

boardroom1For years, working as a Sales & Marketing Manager for an extremely large construction material company, I could not help but enjoy working with smaller more personal and intimate companies. I am sure that both large and small companies all have their problems but it really felt good to help a small venture do well and to watch them grow and prosper as individuals. This is what inspired me to start a business that helps promote new businesses and as well as help small ones. I thought that if I could come up with an easy way for entrepreneurial individuals to enter into the world of self employment with very little start up costs and provide a professional work environment as well as solid administrative support it would be a venture of great success for all involved.

working-in-office1Our goal at My Office Incorporated is to alleviate the concerns that entrepreneurial people have when it comes to managing an office. Let us do this for you with our fully staffed office at your disposal and you can concentrate on what you do best. You can utilize our office space and facilities at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own office space; as well we will do all your financial reporting to allow you the time to concentrate on making your business successful. This is a truly unique, pay for use system.working-in-office2

My Office Incorporated